Market Intelligence

As the health science experts, SCORR conducts comprehensive market research to develop a strategic foundation for your brand. Because we work daily with organizations involved in global research, we help you better understand where you fit within the market. Our team will uncover your client’s satisfaction level and needs, as well as the perception of your brand, and we will keep you up to date on your competitors and industry trends.

  • Brand awareness & perception studies
  • Brand concept testing
  • Client satisfaction/lost opportunity surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer dossiers
  • Internal assessment & employee surveys
  • Market segmentation studies
  • Market states & trends
  • Pipeline & clinical trial research
  • Win/loss surveys

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SCORR utilizes our market intelligence to develop a strategy and a comprehensive, integrated program that will generate the best results. Once this program is implemented, we measure performance and make adjustments as needed to ensure that you receive the biggest return on your investment.

  • Acquisition & integration communications
  • Content strategy
  • Internal communications
  • Media planning (print, social, digital)


Your brand is driven by your messaging platform and visual, or what we call your Big Idea. This is the core, differentiating benefit of your business, expressed with creative execution. It represents everything you stand for. It is what sets you apart in the minds of customers and is the overarching message that you wish to communicate. Your Big Idea is the ultimate expression of your value proposition and enables you to drive your strategy home through visuals and core messaging.

  • Big Idea: brand visuals & core messaging
  • Identity program
  • Logo/tagline
  • Naming/naming hierarchy
  • Internal & external brand launch

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Content Development

Your leaders have extraordinary insights and your team is spearheading some of the most exciting work in your field. Let’s make sure your market knows you. Whether you need to position your company, introduce a new service or product, or work with a technical writer to spotlight your novel approach, SCORR’s strategists and writers will cut through the clutter to engage your greatest prospects throughout your sales pipeline.

  • Sales collateral & presentations
  • Marketing program & campaign development
  • Internal communications
  • Scientific, medical, & technical writing
  • Digital content development & management
  • White papers & case studies
  • Articles & blog posts

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In the health science industry, it is more important than ever to have a marketing partner with an understanding of technology and the best ways to utilize it within an integrated marketing program to communicate with your target audience. Whether you need a new website, brand video or social media campaign, SCORR can deliver.


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When you need to build credibility, gain visibility, and stay top-of-mind in your market, SCORR will help you communicate with the right audiences. Leveraging a powerful global network, we’ll help you gain visibility in targeted publications and at special events. SCORR will ensure all this dovetails with your comprehensive marketing strategy to help you generate more leads and optimize the ROI of your outreach.

  • Fully managed public relations
  • Thought leadership (articles, awards, speaking opportunities)
  • Merger & acquisition communications
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Media planning, buying & management
  • Media relations & pitching


SCORR Marketing has deep expertise and experience in end-to-end trade show planning, execution and support. Our trade show team members — who have more experience than anyone else in the health science industry — will develop an effective program to ensure you exhibit at the right shows; maximize your visibility through speaking opportunities, sponsorships and advertising; achieve show-stopping effects that draw attention to your booth; have a well-trained team; and generate qualified leads for maximum ROI.

  • End-to-end planning
  • Pre-, during & post-show promotion
  • Booth concept, design & production
  • Giveaway sourcing & coordination
  • Trade show training
  • Lead generation/data capture
  • On-site support
  • Event planning & execution (internal or external)

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Health Science Industry Programs

Persona & Buyer's Journey Icon

Persona & Buyer's Journey

Profile your ideal prospects to better appeal to their purchasing behaviors.

Land and Expand Icon

Land and Expand

Expand your reach within client organizations to access more opportunities.

Enterprise Program Icon

Enterprise Program

Develop C-suite relationships to tailor solutions and build trust that trickles downstream.

Enable BD Success Icon

Enable BD Success

Empower your BD team with training and resources to increase your win rate.

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Audit your online strategy to find ways to expand your presence and boost ROI.