Your Trusted Advantage

We have utilized our industry knowledge, experience, strategic and creative capabilities and global network to help numerous companies meet their goals. Hear what our clients have to say about how SCORR has been their competitive advantage.

Chesapeake IRB

“We look at SCORR as a strategic partner, specifically in terms of the creative as well as the industry knowledge. SCORR has been very effective in helping us think through that, both from a strategy perspective — how to deploy social media, improved websites and presence at trade shows — as well as from a content and market intelligence perspective. SCORR has expanded our vision of what’s actually possible.”

Jeff Wendel, President and CEO


“It was an easy decision to work with SCORR again, because I knew that it would be an easy process and that they understand what we’re doing and it would be very efficient.”

John Potthoff, Co-Founder & CEO


“Because SCORR is in our industry and they focus on our industry, it’s easy to talk to them about what we’re trying to achieve. … They’re everywhere that we want to be and when we’re focused on getting the message out about Chiltern, SCORR has the services to support and provide that.”

Jim Esinhart, CEO

Endpoint Clinical

“Working with SCORR has been a huge relief. … We trust SCORR to manage things properly not only with the logistics but to fully understand our message … and how we go about our business differently than our competitors. … SCORR did a fantastic job … [and] opened our eyes to certain elements of marketing that we thought we knew but we didn’t. The biggest advantage for us has been the time we have gotten back to ourselves to then manage other elements of the business.”

Ryan Keane, Executive Director of Global Business Development

DZS Clinical Services

“SCORR has done a fantastic job of providing us opportunities to write articles (and) for speaking engagements. Things we might not have had access to, SCORR has given us a direct line. SCORR brings their A team to the table every time.”

Greg Ambra, Vice President, Clinical Operations


“SCORR is helping us grow out this organization from a brand point of view — to recognize the importance of it, the importance of consistency, and the importance of it resonating with our target audience. SCORR’s advantage to me is their knowledge of the industry that allows us to accelerate growth.”

Julian Morgan, Vice President, Marketing


“We work on results, so having tangible ROI on the activities that we conduct is important. … The results that tie around the revamping of the website and our social media outreach have demonstrated significant improvement. Our marketing efforts are paying dividends … which is a critical component of demonstrating a tangible, successful execution of a marketing program.”

Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer

Frenova Renal Research

“In my case, [SCORR] knew exactly what I needed. … I didn’t have to educate them. They just came right in and knew it and took care of things.”

Kurt Mussina, Vice President and General Manager

WellSpring Pharma Services

“It’s always a pleasure to interact with SCORR. It feels like a family. When we need something done, everyone mobilizes and it’s a real pleasure to have that kind of support.”

Sam Ricchezza, Vice President, Business Development

Theorem Clinical Research

“We have definitely achieved what we set out to do. … People know who we are, they know what we’re about, so we have firmly established our messaging in the market.”

John Potthoff, CEO


“We’re probably about double our size from the year prior to working with SCORR. I think the brand refresh and getting out there with more visibility certainly helped in our growth.”

Eric Hayashi, CEO

DaVita Clinical Research

“SCORR has extensive industry expertise. They know the life sciences better than any other marketing organization I’ve talked to.”

Kevin Goudreau, Vice President of Commercial Development

Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

“I have to say without SCORR, we wouldn’t be here today. … We went from a company that just had some domestic clients to now, when more than 60 percent of our revenue comes from outside the United States.”

Ken Phelps, CEO

PDS Life Sciences

“It was important for us to find a group that we could work with very easily … and basically, to be part of our internal marketing team. With SCORR, we think we found the key elements we needed to do that.”

Sayed Badrawi, CEO