Strategic Content

Your team of experts is spearheading leading work in your field, and they have unique industry perspectives to share — but does your target audience know?

Delivering content at the right time, in the right context will increase your company’s and key opinion leaders’ share of voice. Our strategists along with our scientific and creative writers — will help your thought leaders deliver meaningful, timely content to the people you want to engage with most. From video and interactive websites to case studies and white papers, SCORR works with your team to share your differentiated message with the world.

When you need to position your brand, introduce a new service or product, or spotlight your novel approach, SCORR’s experts deliver just-right content to engage top prospects throughout your sales pipeline.

SCORR gives us volume and value in terms of content. Elligo has grown quickly, and along the way, SCORR has helped us get featured in local publications, specific industry journals, and even mass media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.”

John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO, Co-Founder — Elligo Health Research