Mergers, Acquisitions, Funding Solutions

Going through a merger and acquisition (M&A) or fundraising period? SCORR partners with our clients through all stages of growth, delivering essential communication strategies across the stakeholder ecosystem and company life cycle.

We provide targeted strategy development, market intelligence, PR, branding, and content development specifically designed for mergers, acquisitions, and investments. Our expert team hits the ground running, saving you time and maximizing ROI.

Whether your company is seeking or making investments, acquiring or being acquired, well-executed messaging adds monetary value and helps unify new entities. 

As you establish your life science company for fundraising or acquisition, ask what specific needs your market and its clients have that you fulfill. The company with a well-defined value proposition that effectively establishes a brand always stands out. SCORR will establish your reputation and generate visibility through a comprehensive, well-executed PR and visibility plan.

Above all, SCORR ensures you’ll be in the best position to articulate your company’s value. Download this informative document to see how SCORR will help your company achieve a successful financial outcome.

Clinipace was looking for a marketing partner that would bring fresh ideas for our rebranding efforts. SCORR was able to quickly analyze our business, conduct market research, and implement a new brand within six months. SCORR is a valued partner to Clinipace and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we grow the Clinipace brand.”

Jason Monteleone, Chief Executive Officer — Clinipace