Informed by market research and elevated by strategic insight, SCORR helps life science business development teams turn attention into engagement. More than a marketing partner, we work in synergy with your team to generate qualified leads, enhance proposals, increase win rates through enterprise or ABM programs, and drive better outcomes — ultimately, helping to propel your company forward.

We analyze and build a strategic plan custom to your needs. Leveraging our network of partners and resources, we then execute the program to bring you proven results.

  • Account-based marketing (land & expand/enterprise programs)
  • Buyer personas & buyer’s journey
  • Client satisfaction & lost opportunity surveys
  • Competitor analysis & monitoring
  • Conversion optimization
  • CRM integration & support
  • Customer dossiers
  • Inbound strategy & marketing automation
  • Sales enablement program

SCORR has the industry expertise, strategic knowledge, and creative talent that we need from a marketing partner. They helped us build an effective marketing foundation that differentiates us and arms our business development team with the tools they need. I rely on the SCORR team not only as our creative agency but also as a strategic partner.”

Heather Sugrue, Vice President — Sales and Marketing, Recro