Brand Differentiation

Do you know why clients choose you or choose your competitors? In a crowded market, you need a strategy to leverage your strengths and a brand that conveys MORE. A well-executed brand begins with market intelligence that is woven into telling a compelling brand story through visual and messaging creation.  It will even help to unify merged or acquired companies, and ultimately add monetary value.

To effectively differentiate your offerings, our industry-leading strategists will conduct research and voice of customer surveys to assess your position and uncover your most viable selling propositions for specific audiences. Our analytical approach will give you unprecedented insight into your competitive landscape and how you can make your brand visible above the rest.  

Working as an extension of your team, SCORR will create a messaging and visuals will increase your visibility and set you apart from your competition.

SCORR has the industry expertise, strategic knowledge, and creative talent that we need from a marketing partner. They helped us build an effective marketing foundation that differentiates us and arms our business development team with the tools they need. I rely on the SCORR team not only as our creative agency but also as a strategic partner.”

Heather Sugrue, VP Sales & Marketing — Recro Gainesville