Recruitment & Retention Solutions

Recruitment Marketing Support

Job postings for clinical research positions have steadily increased in the past four years, creating a sellers’ market for experienced professionals seeking employment — and making it that much harder for you to fill vital roles within your company. How can you rise above the clamor of other employers to attract top talent?


Client Recruitment Campaign Example

SCORR’s recruitment marketing strategies increase your applicant pool and efficiently fill open roles. Approaching recruitment as a marketing and sales program, we create a targeted strategy and messaging that competitively communicates why your company is the place to work and grow through:  

  • Campaign messaging & visual assets
  • Branded careers web presence demo
  • Trade show assistance
  • Digital, hiring platform, & social ad promotions
  • Best practices & guidance
  • Employee referral programs
  • Applying for “Best Place to Work” awards

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Whether you want to appeal to recent college graduates or entice leading talent within your industry, our recruitment marketing is key to building a top-tier team.

Employee Retention Marketing Support

Employee turnover across the biotech industry has been as high as 20% in the most recent quarter, compared to 10% year over year. This is just one statistic representing a growing trend across the whole market, making retention a major pressure point. SCORR will help you retain high-performing talent and boost employee engagement through a customized retention marketing plan.


Client Retention Campaign Example

We build and maintain communication within your company through campaigns and integrated programs that establish your reputation for superior culture, growth, and overall employee success, including:

  • Mission, vision, values development
  • Employee recognition/gifts
  • Employee engagement interviews
  • Training programs
  • Corporate & social responsibility initiatives
  • Health & wellness programs
  • Local & remote team interactions

Download Our Retention Guidelines

Above all, SCORR helps you place the same importance and investment in human resources as business development because few assets are as valuable as dedicated, supported, and satisfied team members.