Videos help fill your pipeline.

There is absolutely no substitute for video content when it comes to generating leads. From intimate testimonials and brand awareness hype to event celebrations and service explanations, nothing sells your organization quite like a video. With the right capabilities, such as custom CTAs, gated access, and SEO optimization, a good video series can transform your entire prospect funnel. 

But, where do you start? How do you create a great video, then how do you effectively leverage it to your audience? With over two decades of experience in life science marketing, SCORR understands how to develop videos that yield genuine ROI. 

This simple worksheet answers your most pressing questions about video hosting: 

video sell sheet
  • How do you create a video that will resonate with your clients? 
  • Where should you be hosting your videos? 
  • How do you leverage every view to create leads? 
  • How do you track and analyze those leads to optimize the process?