Your brand is the first thing that customers notice about your company. When executed correctly, it has the potential to communicate your unique value. If not, it could confuse prospective clients and negatively impact sales. So, what is the process for successful brand development?

Branding is more than just a slogan and some images. Your brand must accurately reflect your company’s story and message. Once you have a solid understanding of the value your company brings to customers, you can create a high-level statement of how that should be communicated. At SCORR, we call this the Big Idea.

But how is a Big Idea translated into an effective brand identity? Our expert, Drake Sauer, shows you in this video:

About the Author

Drake Sauer

Art Director

Drake is responsible for bringing strategy and content to life with attention-grabbing visuals. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to take a spark of an idea, visualize it in a sketch, and then follow it through to completion. He collaborates with the client services team to ensure that all creative executed — from brand campaigns to ads to sales collateral and trade show booths — is in line with client goals and strategy.