Brand, branding, identity, image…on the one hand, they sound like the same thing. On the other hand, they may sound completely confusing. What do each of these mean when you’re trying to position your company?

The truth is, these are definitely different things. But they all play a part in creating your company’s branding. Through branding, you guide the emotion your audience feels about your brand and company. Here at SCORR, we approach branding through the “big idea.” We start with that overall concept, and massage it into a branding story that not only makes you more visible, but also gives you the rock-solid platform you need to reach your customers – one that rises far above your competition.

So how do we do it, and how can we help you? Our expert, Ben Rowe, shows you in this video:

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About the Author

Ben Rowe

Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Ben has shaped hundreds of brand campaigns within the drug development services and health care industries. He leads the creative team’s efforts across SCORR’s entire suite of services and ensures all projects are completed on strategy. Ben specializes in internal and external branding and has garnered numerous awards for SCORR's creative work. Throughout his career, Ben has developed brands focused on accomplishing diverse objectives and is renowned for his ability to seamlessly synchronize strategy and creative.