Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are rapidly changing nearly every industry, including drug discovery. The cost of drug discovery remains high and is growing, strongly motivating drug developers to find new and innovative technologies. Now, AI promises to accelerate the pace of drug development, reduce costs, and limit failed drug products through machine learning when applied to drug discovery assays. Separately, blockchain is promoting collaboration and data integrity between stakeholders while maintaining digital security. Together, these technologies promise to be the future of biopharma. Find out the challenges and limitations to AI and blockchain adoption and their predicted future within drug discovery.

Read the research report to find out:

  • What AI and blockchain are used for in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • How AI and blockchain are currently being integrated into drug discovery
  • The challenges and limitations of these burgeoning technologies
  • Which drug discovery service providers are pioneering the use of AI
  • How the industry is moving from competition to digital partnerships
  • The future of AI and blockchain in biopharmaceutical development