Labor shortages are nothing new generally nor within the life sciences industry. As of this writing (May 2022), we’re currently in one of those periods. Over time, these periods have been labeled in many ways, including “war for talent,” “collective burnout,” and more recently, “the great resignation.”

This primer aims to provide some historical context to our current life science industry war for talent and to address or present information for the following:

  • What types of jobs are sought after in life science industry segments?
  • What do employees want?
  • How do companies compete for talent?
  • What types of messaging do companies use to recruit?
  • What are the future implications for company recruitment of talent?
  • Job listing and Careers page recruitment messaging are broken down by segment:
    • CROs
    • CMOs/CDMOs
    • eClinical/Tech
    • Medtech