Are you interested in how much your life sciences industry peers are making, in terms of salary and other perks? Have you wondered what compensation you should offer to obtain and retain the best drug development talent?

Learnings from our 2019 salary survey report will help you know where you stand in contract negotiations and what employees in drug development and clinical research really want.

With respondents ranging from executives to research associates working for sponsors, clinical research organizations (CROs) and other service providers, academic institutions, and life sciences research sites, our market intelligence reveals:

  • Salary, supplemental income, and non-cash compensation ranges
  • How important career development and on-the-job challenges are
  • How much of a raise people in the life sciences industry received in 2019
  • How much of a role mentorship plays in the life sciences industry
  • Notable trends since the previous report from 2017

And much, much more!