Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies that outsource manufacturing see their relationship with manufacturers differently than do CDMOs and CMOs. In some important areas, manufacturers are misjudging what outsourcers want and need and, thus, may be missing out on some opportunities.

SCORR Marketing and Pharmaceutical Outsourcing collaborated on a survey in early 2019 to explore the perceptions of both outsourcers and manufacturers to identify the differences. The results can help manufacturers develop strategies that will allow them to close the gap and grow their business.

In this survey report, you will learn:

  • How outsourcers select CDMOs/CMOs — which isn’t exactly how manufacturers think they do.
  • Where outsourcers feel CDMOs/CMOs are falling short.
  • Whether outsourcers like an integrated, one-stop shop and how their preferences match up with manufacturers’ perspectives.
  • Where, what, when, and how often outsourcers want to learn about CDMOs/CMOs.
  • Technology and trends based on what outsourcers are asking for from manufacturers.

The insights provided in this survey report can help manufacturers align their thinking, positioning, operational initiatives, and marketing strategies with the needs, behaviors, and expectations of the companies that outsource to them.