You might hear marketers throw around the phrase “video content library” and think, “What’s that?” Simply put, a content library is a place where all your brand’s videos are stored in a digital bank, ready to be used at any time. Video may be the most powerful media tool we have, and is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. A library of video content creates efficiencies by allowing you to take brand and interview videos and repurpose the footage in order to gain extra attention to news feeds, press releases, and in some cases, print. Yes, we said print.

So how do we create video content libraries, and how can they help you? Braeden Tyma shows you in this video:

About the Author

Braeden Tyma

Video & Animation Manager

If it moves, odds are good that it has Braeden’s fingerprints all over it. As our motion graphics expert, he specializes in live action video, animation, and digital ads. His enthusiasm is contagious in every meeting, and he is an extremely hard worker, finding genuine interest in every job he touches.