Make Your Life Science Digital Marketing Strategy Shine With Videos

Wherever your company fits along the life science marketing spectrum — from biopharma marketing, to medical device marketing, to drug development marketing, and more — there’s one thing everyone in the industry needs: video content. For context, let’s take a look at some of the latest statistics on why video is such a crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy:

  • Videos maximize message retention: Viewers report retaining 95% of messaging they get through watching a video
  • Videos help viewers understand services: 94% of video marketers report increased product and service comprehension from viewers
  • Videos boost web traffic: 86% of marketers shared videos increased web traffic to the target website
  • Videos impact sales: 78% of marketers reported that video directly impacted an increase in sales

All that said, video for its own sake that isn’t aligned with your marketing goals is unlikely to achieve desired results. Here are three video types you need now to give your video strategy and overall digital marketing strategy a boost.

1. Visual Soundbites

Visual soundbites highlight the insights of your company’s subject matter experts. Any of your internal thought leaders can talk about a hot industry topic, or promote a piece of content like a new white paper or webinar. We can record the audio for you, or you can record it yourself with tips from our team.

Then, we take that audio and animate words and graphics over it. The motion helps the visual soundbite stand out and indicates to scrollers that this is more than just another graphic full of text: there’s content here! Visual soundbites are quick to produce, and they make your experts more visible without the need for a video shoot, saving time and money.

2. Explainer Videos

In our industry, many things require explanation — sometimes pretty complex explanation. If you do an internet search for “explainer video,” you will find a million templated solutions and pre-animated characters, all for very cheap. The problem with those quick-grab solutions, though, is that they look like everything else that’s out there, and they’re certainly not on-brand with your company’s messaging and visuals.

SCORR creates custom explainer videos designed just for you, ensuring you’re communicating consistently within your targeted branding and voice. At the end of an explainer video, viewers will have learned about your company, service, solution, or product, and will be guided to the next steps in your sales funnel.

3. Mission, Vision, Values Videos

One of the first things potential hires and potential clients do when getting to know your company is visit your website. They want to know who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do every day. They want to connect.

With video, you control the narrative and can connect to others in an emotional way. It’s hard to convey the passion and importance you put on your mission, vision, and values via text alone. Say it in a video and show your target customers and future employees why they should choose you.

Start or expand your video strategy with these targeted video types and measure the impact. SCORR is here to help you each step of the way, from idea spark to measurable results. Get in touch today to see how video can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

About the Author

Braeden Tyma

Video & Animation Manager

If it moves, odds are good that it has Braeden’s fingerprints all over it. As our motion graphics expert, he specializes in live action video, animation, and digital ads. His enthusiasm is contagious in every meeting, and he is an extremely hard worker, finding genuine interest in every job he touches.