Cinda Orr entered the health sciences industry over 30 years ago, but never thought she’d found the leading health sciences marketing agency in the middle of Nebraska.

In this PharmaVOICE WoW (Woman of the Week) podcast, Cinda shares her story and lessons learned along the way. She also answers questions about entrepreneurship, trends in drug development, and her passion for connecting more patients with clinical research opportunities.

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About the Author

Cinda Orr, MFA


Cinda is hands down one of the most experienced marketers in the health sciences industry. She has worked side by side with professionals across the health care continuum throughout her career, having worked at organizations such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to leading CROs. Through her history of working from the client perspective, she established a genuine understanding of the drug development and health care industries and what it takes to power ideal marketing partnerships. This knowledge shaped SCORR and continues to be the basis of our success.

Since founding SCORR in 2003, Cinda has developed and launched hundreds of successful health science brands. Today, she lends her 30+ years of industry marketing experience to provide strategic and creative oversight to key accounts and programs.