In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation is changing rapidly. At SCORR, we are committed to keeping you updated. As the leading health science marketer, we believe that clear and timely communication — to your organization, to your customers, and to the market — is necessary to instill the confidence needed to weather the storm. We’ve prepared some tools to help.

Trade Show Tracker

The situation surrounding coronavirus continues to change every day and you may have difficult trade show decisions to make in the coming months. To keep you up to date on the most recent cancellations, reschedulings, and shifts to virtual format, our team created a live tracker to actively monitor the status of these events and will continue communicating with conference vendors for the latest information.

COVID-19 Communications Toolkit

Times of crisis highlight the need for an effective communications strategy when providing updates to employees, customers, and stakeholders. While much of the advice within this toolkit is specific to current circumstances, the principles and best practices therein can also be applied to a variety of situations that require you to respond to unprecedented events.

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Tips to Overcome Reduced Attendance and Cancellations

Trade shows are an important part of sales and marketing for many companies in the health science space. As cancellations are projected to impact shows well into the summer, you’ll need effective strategies to overcome this. From how to respond to these cancellations to shifting meetings to virtual settings, we’re here to help with our Proactive Marketing and Trade Show Tips.

This is a serious time, with COVID-19 being of major concern to us all. If we can be of any help beyond the tools provided, we are prepared for urgent requests requiring fast turnaround. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either through your main point of contact or by using the link below.

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