How has COVID-19 impacted drug manufacturing?

SCORR Marketing and Pharma Manufacturing collaborated on a survey in April, 2021 to gauge the perceptions of life science professionals involved in the outsourcing of or manufacturing of drugs from small-midsize sponsors, large sponsors, and CMOs/CDMOs to evaluate their responses and to see where and how their responses differed. The results can help contract manufacturers better understand the perspectives of companies that utilize their services.

In this survey report, you will learn:

  • Under what circumstances industry collaboration has increased as a result of COVID-19 CMOs and which types of collaboration will continue post-pandemic
  • Which work processes changed due to the pandemic and which changes are more likely to be permanent
  • What services are required of CMOs/CDMOs and which ones were impacted by COVID-19
  • Which supply chain and capacity issues were most affected by the pandemic and which are most important for contract manufacturers to address
  • How COVID-19 affected some marketing activities of CMOs/CDMOs
  • The extent to which outsourcing to contract manufacturers occurs and how it might change

The insights provided in this survey report can help contract manufacturers align their perceptions of the above issues with those of the companies they serve.

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