Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) hold great promise in growing your business and advancing your goals, but only if they are executed well. A critical piece of any M&A execution puzzle is communication. Whom are you telling about your M&A? What are you going to tell them? When? And how?

Developing a clear strategy with precise messaging and a plan for effective delivery is essential if you want to make the most of your investment. In this Forbes article, Roger Boutin, Vice President of Communications at SCORR Marketing, provides three tips to optimize your M&A strategy and maximize your ROI.

About the Author

Roger Boutin, MBA

Vice President of Communications

With 15 years of CRO/drug development experience, Roger is an authority in the drug development industry who knows how to connect strategy and tactics to improve our clients’ ROI. He also brings his experience and insights to his role as the leader of SCORR’s M&A team. He directs the delivery of content, public relations, and communications, working collaboratively and strategically to help clients reach their goals. Roger has led two rebrands for a top 10, global CRO, giving him a perspective that drives him to deliver innovative, yet practical solutions for our clients’ marketing challenges.