Dashboards for Leadership Boards

If you’re responsible for marketing budgeting and performance tracking, you know how challenging it is to provide an overview of a multilayered marketing plan.

Assessing marketing performance is difficult because of how interconnected all the tactics can be. Your website serves as your main “homing beacon,” but everything — from social media posts to press releases to paid media to articles published on third party websites — can affect the amount and quality of traffic your website receives, and leads it generates.

Distilling marketing performance into an easy-to-digest dashboard presents a further obstacle. Dashboards and reports can be time-consuming to compile, and metrics alone provide little utility.

SCORR Boards: Providing Analytics and Advice

For our full-service partnership clients, we create SCORR Boards, monthly or quarterly overviews of digital marketing and campaign performance. Our experts compile metrics, project reviews, and provide actionable information those teams can then share with leadership teams, the board of directors, and company stakeholders. Above all, we strive to tie specific projects to user engagement, lead generation, and ultimately revenue — the key indicators of marketing ROI.

Going beyond your typical dashboard or report, SCORR Boards include:

  • What leads were captured and from what sources
  • Lead conversions – which leads are converted to opportunities and which opportunities are converted to won business
  • Website traffic and original source information — including traffic from social media platforms, direct searches, Google AdWords, paid media, and much more
  • Most-viewed and engaged-with content
  • Overall key takeaways for the month or quarter to determine what’s delivering the greatest ROI
  • Budget updates
  • Plans for the next month and quarter

Using Information to Improve Your Sales Pipeline

In the health sciences industry, many companies build awareness and credibility through thought leadership. Many of SCORR’s clients choose to make their experts more visible by providing a platform to share articles, videos, white papers, and more.

This approach offers two advantages: 1) The companies and individuals providing thought content establish credibility and 2) Thought content can be repurposed to maximize immediate visibility and improve long-term search rankings.

SCORR Boards have been instrumental in helping many of our clients create a demand-drive approach to building and repurposing targeted content and identifying which mediums will yield the most successful leads. By benchmarking engagement across topics, you can better identify subject matter that resonates with you target audiences.

To learn more about SCORR Boards and our approach to marketing in the health sciences, contact leal@scorrmarketing.com to schedule a meeting.

About the Author

Lea LaFerla

Vice President of Marketing Services & Business Development

Lea, who manages the client services and business development teams across North America and Europe, goes the distance to make sure SCORR exceeds clients’ expectations. She applies her industry knowledge and experience to develop results-oriented integrated marketing programs that help clients achieve their goals. In her two decades within the industry, she has led numerous international marketing and sales teams while developing customer and market strategies and translating customer needs into tangible solutions.