Building a Brand That Is “Just Right” After Integration

The details around mergers and acquisitions are constantly fluctuating, whether due to industry response or a company’s evolving objectives. Given the ever-changing nature of such an integration, it can be tempting to turn your back on midterm and long-term strategy. After all, why create a plan if it’s destined for an inevitable rewrite? Because plans create worthwhile structure and help produce transparent communication and messaging consistency, all of which are essential to any successful M&A.

Join experts from SCORR Marketing for a LinkedIn Live discussion on what a more proactive and comprehensive integration strategy can do for your business and your brand throughout the entire M&A process.

Watch Now, Start Planning for an M&A That Empowers

You’ll learn:

  • Important elements of an M&A plan
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating and executing M&A branding, communication, and integration strategies
  • How to address internal and external audiences
  • Industry-specific M&A insights