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Much of the artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology (a system of public databases that cross-reference each other continuously) drug development investment has gone into drug discovery, but over time, the use has shifted to later stages in the pipeline. The application of these technologies has increased, and for clinical trials, it allows for a broad array of opportunities to create efficiencies that reduce time and cost. But where are the best opportunities for application? What are the challenges of these technologies in clinical research?  

Read the research report to find out the answers to these questions and more, including: 

  • The market overview for AI and blockchain technology for aiding in drug development 
  • How AI and blockchain work 
  • The benefit of AI and blockchain technology for the clinical trial process and, more specifically, for what stages and tasks 
  • Top challenges and limitations of these burgeoning technologies in clinical research 
  • Some examples for how sponsors, health care organizations, and clinical research organizations (CROs) have attempted to incorporate AI and blockchain technology to improve clinical research process or patient care