Market research is an essential ingredient in the marketing mix for global industries like clinical research. According to the 2019 State of Original Research for Marketing report by Mantis Research, 94% of marketers feel original research elevates a brand’s authority. While this overwhelming majority believes original research has this impact, about half do not know how to perform it. Furthermore, 44% of marketers are not considering publishing their own research because they believe it’s not the right type of project for their business.

In the health science industry, information is constantly shifting, technology is changing exponentially, and regulations are updated daily. It’s not enough for a marketing agency to just specialize in marketing. In order to effectively execute in a niche field, marketers must dive beneath the surface and actively conduct research to ensure internal teams have the most up-to-date information. This allows us to provide educated guidance to our clients.

At SCORR, we understand that your marketing plan cannot meet its potential if vital elements, like original market research, are left out. And that’s why, for years, we’ve dedicated an entire team to conceptualizing and executing this invaluable work for both our own education and to meet the needs of our clients. These first-hand interviews and surveys, along with our in-house statistical analysis, ensures SCORR not only recognizes industry trends as they are happening, but that we can use that knowledge to craft client strategies and tactics accordingly.

Our recent report investigating cell and gene therapy is a great example of the kind of in-depth reporting that helps us do our jobs better. Imagine the type of impact this original research has on the job we do for you!

Check out our primer to see yet another reason SCORR is the health science marketing leader.

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Roger Boutin

Vice President of Communications

With 15 years of CRO/drug development experience, Roger is an authority in the drug development industry who knows how to connect strategy and tactics to improve our clients’ ROI. He directs the delivery of content, public relations, and communications, working collaboratively and strategically to help clients reach their goals. Roger has led two rebrands for a top 10, global CRO, giving him a perspective that drives him to deliver innovative, yet practical solutions for our clients’ marketing challenges.