What do cheese curds, soft pretzels, an RV, and a wall of candy have in common? You might find most of them at a state fair, but each one is also part of the distinct and captivating experiences SCORR crafted for their clients at DIA 2022!

Join SCORR’s Alec McChesney as he walks you through these uniquely successful displays, highlighting the intentional design behind each that drives strategic connection and lead generation.

What you’ll learn:

  • What works and what doesn’t. How and why were these “booths” successful?
  • The status of event-based networking. Have conferences returned in full force?
  • There is more noise now than ever. How do you distinguish yourself?
  • Everyone loves free food. Seriously, who wouldn’t?

About the Author

Alec McChesney
Alec McChesney

Director of Business Development

Before transitioning into the world of marketing, Alec found his inspiration in writing and journalism, which is evident in the contagious energy he brings to targeted storytelling and overall messaging. As Director of Business Development at SCORR, Alec places a lot of emphasis on clear communication and genuine partnerships with his clients, both of which lead to greater alignment across the board. Managing a diverse family of clients from the life sciences field, Alec believes everything begins with a worthwhile strategy, whether it’s a larger rebranding initiative or a more specialized campaign.