Join SCORR’s, Tess Dugan, Sr. Account Strategist, and Alec McChesney, Director of Business Development, as they discuss the life cycle management you should have in place for best growth results.

What you’ll learn:

  • The key to synergy between marketing and business development teams
  • Buyer’s journey development tips
  • How to get buy-in from both teams to be successful with your goals
  • Tips to establish disciplined communication among both teams

About the Authors

Tess Dugan

Senior Account Strategist

Earning her Executive MBA while working at the senior level, Tess is undeniably tenacious, which translates into carefully considered strategies and long-lasting relationships for her clients. As a trained leader and Sr. Account Strategist at SCORR, Tess is also a consummate team player, contributing her expertise and attention to detail at every stage of ideation and execution. With a dynamic portfolio of clients across the life sciences spectrum, Tess is seasoned in guiding companies through everything from corporate branding initiatives to targeted strategies to ensure clients maximize ROI.

Alec McChesney
Alec McChesney

Director of Business Development

Before transitioning into the world of marketing, Alec found his inspiration in writing and journalism, which is evident in the contagious energy he brings to targeted storytelling and overall messaging. As an Account Strategist at SCORR, Alec places a lot of emphasis on clear communication and genuine partnerships with his clients, both of which lead to greater alignment across the board. Managing a diverse family of clients from the life sciences field, Alec believes everything begins with a worthwhile strategy, whether it’s a larger rebranding initiative or a more specialized campaign.