What motivates people to volunteer for clinical trials?

The patients who volunteer for research are a rare breed — they take time to participate so we can all have the hope for a healthier life. But who are these special people? What motivates them to participate? What do they hope will be the result of their efforts?

Although most of us will take some form of medication during our lifetime — allergy medicine, an antibiotic, or treatment for something more serious — few of us have participated in the clinical research that helps bring those medications to market.

In 2018, SCORR partnered with Antidote Technologies to survey nearly 4,000 patients diagnosed with conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, asthma/allergies, and gastrointestinal disease.

Based on those survey results, Antidote created a portrait of research volunteers to uncover why these special patients took this significant step.

Truly understanding what motivates clinical trial participants — and what doesn’t — can help you better engage more patients and create more opportunities for a healthier future.

This special paper reveals an in-depth portrait of the clinical trial participant, including:

  • What matters most in their decision-making process
  • What demographic factors they may have in common
  • What sets them apart from those who have never participated
  • Whose recommendations most inspire them to join
  • What they most hope to achieve by participating

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