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When Elligo Health Research partnered with SCORR Marketing, the company was in the initial stages of building a first-of-its-kind company and was looking to introduce a fresh concept to the clinical research industry. By delivering real data to trial sponsors, infrastructure to physicians, and expanded care options to patients, Elligo gets more physicians and patients involved in clinical trials.

As part of a comprehensive branding project, SCORR recommended videos be made to distill Elligo’s unique proposition for different audiences. SCORR developed four videos to put viewers right where Elligo makes the most critical connection — in the clinic.

The videos included:

  • Why Elligo?: A brand video that introduces Elligo and its services
  • Running a Trial With Elligo: A case study video that explains how investigators and clinics can partner with Elligo
  • The Patients’ Experience: Interviews with patients that highlight their experience in a trial supported by Elligo
  • Trade Show Wall Video: A silent animation supported by real footage for use at events Elligo attends

Why Elligo?

Running a Trial With Elligo

The Patients’ Experience

Trade Show Wall Video

Concepting and Scripting

From the beginning, it was clear that Elligo wanted to feature real employees, investigators, and patients to convey the personal approach the company provides. SCORR wrote a voice-over script for the Why Elligo? video to introduce Elligo and feature statistics that establish the need for Elligo’s service.

SCORR also developed talking points and interview questions for Elligo employees, whose passion showed through on screen. Interviews were also conducted with actual patients, clinical staff, and principal investigators. These interviews helped establish Elligo’s value from diverse perspectives.

Video Wall Trade Show Booth

The Results

The Elligo Brand Video drew more than 16,000 views in its first six months and is now featured front and center on the Elligo home page. Likewise, the Running a Trial With Elligo and The Patients’ Experience videos are featured on the Elligo website. The Trade Show Wall Video is now used at events Elligo attends.


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“Video is a vital aspect of modern marketing, one that facilitates a deeper engagement with prospects while enhancing understanding and improving recall. SCORR has an exceptional grasp of what makes video work in a variety of contexts and SCORR has a team that can consistently deliver the production quality we’re looking for.”

John Potthoff
Co-Founder and CEO
Elligo Health Research