Advanced Materials Technology

Halo Campaign

Before teaming up with SCORR, Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) lacked consistent and effective branding for its HALO columns used in chromatography. Although, AMT’s application was wildly effective, its marketing was not.

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Because of the SCORR team’s deep and intimate comprehension of the industry, it was understood that AMT’s HALO technology encompassed an arsenal of tools scientists use for chromatography. Based on this insight, the team developed AMT’s  “Every Tool You Need” campaign, with dynamic branding that set the brand apart from its competition. The visuals included bright colors carried throughout the HALO marketing pieces. The team also created a pocketknife to hand out at trade shows and sales meetings as another reminder that AMT provides “Every Tool You Need.”

“We were very pleased with SCORR’s competency in handling scientific content, as well as their level of customer responsiveness. Their team is industry-savvy and technically proficient, interpreting our needs and delivering unique promotions that serve our business well. In addition, they were efficient and professional at every step throughout the process.”

Tim Langlois
Co-founder & COO, Advanced Materials Technology