SAMDI Tech Increases Clients’ Opportunities for Drug Candidate Hit Finding With Charles River Partnership

SAMDI Tech, Inc., the industry’s leading provider of label-free drug discovery solutions, has partnered with Charles River Laboratories, which provides products and services that accelerate research and drug development efforts, to expand its small molecule screening collection and maximize its clients’ opportunities to discover hit compounds for their drug discovery projects.

Through the two-year partnership, SAMDI Tech’s clients will be able to use more than 150,000 sourced molecules from Charles River’s premier collection of lead-like compounds in their drug discovery projects. With access to more than 1 million small molecules in total, SAMDI Tech’s clients can choose to complete their high-throughput projects with any combination of molecules from its vendors or its own libraries.

“Bringing together a diverse set of high-quality compounds and the benefits of SAMDI technology not only speeds up timelines and maximizes the probability of finding early-stage drug candidates for our clients, it takes them one step closer to clinical trials with a new treatment option,” said Emilio Córdova, PhD, MBA, chief executive officer at SAMDI Tech.

SAMDI Tech simplifies and streamlines its clients’ drug candidate selections. Using its proprietary label-free, high-throughput SAMDI assay, SAMDI Tech screens any number of compounds against a client’s target while ensuring industry-leading turnaround times and high-quality data that accelerate discovery efforts.

“We are pleased to partner with SAMDI Tech to combine our experience in compiling high-quality screening libraries with their proprietary screening technology,” said Jackie Macritchie, senior managing director, discovery, at Charles River. “Leveraging SAMDI Tech’s technology and Charles River’s diversity screening library enhances the potential for identifying hit molecules across a wide range of target classes and disease areas.”

About SAMDI Tech
SAMDI Tech Inc. delivers better, faster and label-free assay development, high-throughput screening and peptide substrate discovery solutions for early-stage drug candidate selection. Our highly skilled team believes in results and uses proprietary industry-leading, label-free SAMDI (Self-Assembled Monolayer Desorption Ionization) technology to deliver decision-making data fast. Learn more about SAMDI Tech at