Crown Bioscience Expands Capacity in Europe and Invests in New Service Platforms

Crown Bioscience, a global drug discovery and development services company providing translational platforms to advance oncology and metabolic disease research, has significantly increased the capacity of its United Kingdom facilities.

The expansion has been driven by client demand and coincides with the establishment of an expanded panel of immuno-oncology services at Crown Bioscience’s European base, including bioluminescent imaging of popular syngeneic cell line models.

“This is yet another example of Crown Bioscience’s continued success and overall growth as well as our commitment to meet the needs of our European clients,” said Jean-Pierre Wery, Ph.D., president of Crown Bioscience. “This expansion, both in terms of capacity and personnel, will help us accommodate the huge industry demand for syngeneic models, and also provide us with the capacity we need to continue to introduce new oncology models that researchers demand.”

This expansion enables Crown Bioscience to diversify its global portfolio of syngeneic models into orthotopic variants, and additional announcements on new models and capabilities at its UK facilities are planned for the New Year. The UK team has an established focus on hormone-associated cancers, such as prostate and breast cancer.

“Providing predictive models of prostate cancer is an area of particular interest to us and our clients,” added Wery. “And this expansion, combined with our expertise in patient derived xenograft (PDX), will allow us to bring some exciting new offerings to the market early in 2016.”

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Crown Bioscience is a global drug discovery and development service company providing translational platforms to advance oncology and metabolic disease research. With an extensive portfolio of relevant models and predictive tools, Crown Bioscience enables clients to deliver superior clinical candidates. For more information, please visit