Anatomy of a Rebrand #6: Sales Support

Ultimately, the point of marketing is to persuade someone to buy what you have to sell. In SCORR’s case, what we have to sell is our unique ability to create strategies and materials that effectively showcase marketing messages in the most provocative and persuasive way. But it turns out that marketing marketing services is a challenge of its own.

In developing the sales support materials for the “SCORR Gets You There” campaign, we considered two complementary goals: first to get the attention of qualified prospects and then, once we have it, to quickly establish our credibility as an experienced and capable marketing agency for the industries we serve.

Although we pursue many different avenues of business development, a key one is the trade shows our clients attend. We’ve found these events are where our prospective clients are as well, and we do everything possible to take advantage of these opportunities. We use memorable advertising promotions appropriate to each venue and customized with a SCORR message. Examples include our unique trade show “first aid” kits and our distinctive mini-brochure to intrigue and capture attention. The brochure is small enough to stick in a pocket or purse (5.25”x6.5”), with a grommet in the upper left corner, binding pages with the overall graphic theme. On the last page, a pocket with mini-inserts offers more detail on services as well as QR codes that lead to specific information on the SCORR website.

Once we have the attention of a prospect, our goal is to build credibility. For this, we developed a follow-up packet that includes case histories of our successful campaigns as well as white papers detailing our expertise in various aspects of B2B marketing. As time goes on, prospects receive direct mail and regular e-blasts to reinforce the SCORR message.

In sales support as in all other aspects of the marketing communications campaign, maintaining a consistent look and feel communicates integrity, creativity and attention to detail in ways that go much deeper than just the words on the page.

About SCORR Marketing
SCORR collaborates with energetic companies to develop “next-phase growth strategies” and utilizes a disciplined approach to marketing plans that ensures solid incremental growth year after year, creating tangible results. SCORR’s team includes dedicated talent with worldwide experience in brand development, client perception, copywriting, corporate identity, design services, interactive/Web, marketing strategy, media, public relations, social media and trade shows and events. SCORR Marketing has offices in Europe, Seattle and Omaha with headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska. Connect with SCORR Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.