For eight specific, but interrelated reasons, right now is the best time to be a private equity acquisition target — ever. While the macroeconomics that govern much of overall M&A activity are subject to a wide variety of forces, never have they coalesced in a fashion so overwhelmingly positive for companies seeking acquisition. This article reviews the eight reasons why any private company would be well-advised to position their branding and marketing for potential acquisition. Among the topics discussed are:

  • The All-Time Record Level of Investable PE Cash
  • Lack of Attractive Options in a Historically Expensive Stock Market
  • Zero-Interest-Rate Policy: The Fixed-Income-Investment Killer
  • Super Cheap Debt in a Market Where Opportunity Is Largely Defined by Cost to Borrow
  • Ever-Expanding Acquisition Valuations
  • Predictions: The Post-COVID-19 Drug Supply Chain
  • The Exploding Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Market
  • Surging Venture Capital Exit Activity