Have You Visited FindHealthScienceExperts.com?

Over the years our clients have often expressed a desire to make more health science industry connections, have more industry-shaping conversations, and build more bridges for fresh insights and future partnerships.  

During that time, SCORR has also made countless connections between our clients and members of the media in need of the unique perspectives your subject matter experts can provide. We know how crucial it is to build your reputation through thought leadership and get the right message out at the right time to the right audience. 

This is why we built FindHealthScienceExperts.com — a platform designed specifically to promote connections between SCORR’s clients while also showcasing your subject matter experts for the media. 

How can you use FindHealthScienceExperts.com today?  

  • Find a new expert to invite to your next live or recorded industry conversation  
  • Explore new partnership opportunities  
  • See what hot topics your industry peers are keeping top of mind  

How can the media use FindHealthScienceExperts.com? 

  • Search and find the right-fit expert for their next article or interview 
  • Access health science industry thought leaders quickly for tight-turnaround news reports 
  • Have instant access to the materials they need to complete an assignment efficiently, such as bios and photos 

How does SCORR manage FindHealthScienceExperts.com for our clients and the media? 

  • Our award-winning PR team vets and manages all incoming industry partnership and media connection requests for you 
  • SCORR promotes and shares our clients SME pages and topic expertise in earned editorial outreach as part of our PR retainers 
  • Our Client Services team uses this searchable database to proactively make industry connections where they see opportunities 

If you’re interested in featuring your own subject matter experts, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.