Are you pivoting your marketing plan in response to an uncertain economy? Have you built your plan with behind-the-scenes insights from leaders in global marketing for life sciences? Make sure you’re pivoting in the right direction, you need clear answers to the many complex questions relating to business growth during a downturn.  

Weathering turbulent times requires:

  • Proven, practical strategies that help you ensure internal alignment
  • Maximizing your life science advertising dollars
  • Optimizing your outcomes

Join our panel for a Q&A that will help you rethink misconceptions and plan a life science marketing strategy that aligns departments and positions your business for success. Get the most from your marketing, even in tough financial times, with input from experts: Ed Seguine, Pharma Technology executive and investor; Lea LaFerla, president of SCORR Marketing; Tess Dugan, director of account management and senior account strategist at SCORR; and moderator Alec McChesney, director of business development at SCORR.