In the age of the Great Resignation, it’s more important than ever to recognize how a positive and uplifting company culture can support retention and build long-term teams of dynamic and diverse professionals. 

Join culture-building expert and Velocity Advisory Group partner Brooke Page-Thompson alongside SCORR Marketing experts Lea LaFerla (president) and Alec McChesney (director of business development) for a candid conversation about how company culture impacts the longevity of internal expertise — especially in the health science sphere. 

You’ll learn: 

  • What makes staff retention such a pressing issue for CROs, CDMOs, and other health science employers 
  • How talent scarcity and falling retention rates connect to a renewed focus on company culture 
  • The hallmarks of a compelling and attractive company culture (including which to prioritize in the clinical research industry) 
  • How changes in messaging can lead to a more or less desirable company culture 
  • Common missed-opportunity pitfalls companies encounter when seeking to shape their workplace culture 

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