Sales and marketing teams should reinforce one another. Yet at many companies, friction — and sometimes outright animosity — can hinder what could be an enormously productive relationship. SCORR’s Lea LaFerla, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, shares some blunt perspectives on the interplay of sales and marketing, along with some advice to make the connection more than an academic exercise. From generating leads to targeting top accounts, this Q&A covers some realistic solutions for improving sales and marketing alignment.

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About the Author

Lea LaFerla

Vice President of Marketing Services & Business Development

Lea, who manages the client services and business development teams across North America and Europe, goes the distance to make sure SCORR exceeds clients’ expectations. She applies her industry knowledge and experience to develop results-oriented integrated marketing programs that help clients achieve their goals. In her two decades within the industry, she has led numerous international marketing and sales teams while developing customer and market strategies and translating customer needs into tangible solutions.