X-Chem Acquires Glamorous AI — Immediately Creating a Leader in DEL-Powered AI Solutions

Combination Accelerates Outcomes in Early Drug Discovery

X-Chem, the pioneer of DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology and a recognized leader in generating actionable results to drive small molecule drug discovery, today announced the acquisition of Glamorous AI, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for drug discovery. Coupling X-Chem’s high-quality DEL data with the innovative AI capabilities of Glamorous AI positions X-Chem as a leading service provider in machine learning-driven drug discovery.

“What AlphaFold did for protein folding, X-Chem and Glamorous AI will do for drug discovery,” said Matt Clark, Ph.D., CEO of X-Chem. “Glamorous AI brings cutting-edge solutions to the entire small molecule drug discovery process. By combining the data-generating power of our leading DEL platform with Glamorous’ AI capability, we will accelerate our partners’ drug discovery programs and get medicines to patients faster.”  

The move helps accelerate drug discovery and offers several advantages for our customers, including:

  • Revolutionizing the discovery of new medicines — expanded capabilities that save time, reduce risk and yield a higher probability of success from screening to clinical candidate 
  • The ability to unlock the full potential of rich datasets generated by X-Chem’s technology — rapid identification of high-quality starting points for drug discovery
  • The leading AI solution for the entire drug discovery process —merging high-quality, large DEL datasets with sparser medicinal chemistry data to accelerate outcomes

“X-Chem generates billions of high-quality data points with its DEL platform, and we provide the capability to build the best AI to unlock the power of those data. It is when such large datasets come together with a powerful technology like AI that transformation happens. This aligns very well with our vision to democratize access to AI and to provide a fully-integrated service for the biopharma industry,” said Glamorous AI CEO Noor Shaker.

This acquisition, along with the recently announced acquisition of ComInnex, further solidifies X-Chem’s position as the leading provider of innovative solutions in early-stage drug discovery.

About X-Chem 
X-Chem, Inc. is a leader in small molecule discovery science, providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies a complete, seamless solution for screening, hit validation and lead optimization. As pioneers of DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) technology, the company leverages its market-leading DEL platform to discover novel small molecule leads against challenging, high-value therapeutic targets. X-Chem empowers partners to rapidly screen billions of diverse, drug-like compounds simultaneously and easily identify potent hits that exhibit desired selectivity and mode of action with attractive physicochemical properties. In-house lead optimization services enable clients to progress their compounds directly for even higher quality outputs. Our expertise in medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis and scale-up process chemistry enables us to support all aspects of drug discovery, supporting lead optimization through candidate identification.

About Glamorous AI
Glamorous AI is radically changing how drugs are designed and optimised using our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, RosalindAI. RosalindAI specializes in solving challenges inherent to sparse and noisy data sets that makes the majority of disease-associated targets intractable by existing computational technologies. By building transformative AI solutions and integration with biology and chemistry, we empower organizations to discover new drugs and deliver the right drug to the right patient.