Susan Herron

Perfectionist. Word Nerd. Crime Writer.

Susan Herron


Susan loves the puzzle of shaping language into memorable, influential content — and takes personal pride in the results. As a bona fide Myers-Briggs ambivert (half introvert, half extrovert), she has a talent for seeing things from multiple perspectives. This came in handy during her years working in the pharmaceutical industry, writing and managing content for investigators, patients, and sponsors. With over a decade of marketing and advertising experience behind her, Susan has the expertise and experience to understand and respond to client needs.

Aside from catering to her Plott hounds Sully and Pippa, Susan is a three-time National Novel Writing Month veteran and member of the creative writing group, Triangle Sisters in Crime. She also loves collecting tarot cards and listening to live music with friends.

I am your Persuasive advantage.