Microsystems faced the difficult challenge of having two different markets to target — legal and life sciences. Because the life sciences market was new to the company, it needed a brand strategy and website structure that both supported its existing law firm clientele while also attracting life science clients.
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SCORR addressed the dual audience challenge by creating an overarching brand concept and a home page with two distinct paths for visitors to follow. The resulting website had product pages for each target market that were constructed similarly but spoke separately and directly to the challenges the respective markets face.


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“Our main goal when we started working with SCORR was to … be able to communicate with our audience more effectively and to help drive growth of the business and up our revenue. SCORR brought all the relevant people to give me comfort that they had the subject matter experts that we would need. SCORR has the knowledge of our industry that allows us to accelerate growth.”

Julian Morgan
Vice President of Marketing