Patient Recruitment Website

When the clinical operations team at CRMG approached SCORR Marketing for help with its patient recruitment website, CRMG already had two active studies, including trials for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, that it needed a website to support quickly.

Utilizing our strategic process and aligning these tactics with CRMG’s marketing goals, we determined that it would be beneficial to create an open-ended website that could be updated and reused for other therapeutic studies as they became available.

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“We worked with SCORR on an overall corporate rebranding and the incorporation of that new vision into an overhauled website. Our website now is professional, polished, with a unified message and a real sense of who we are as a company. We have received compliments on its ease of navigation, and it has resulted in inquiries from potential customers around the globe. To top it off, the team at SCORR is accessible, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Gina Baldyga
Vice President of Operations


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