As a player in the competitive interactive response technology (IRT) industry, endpoint was committed to differentiating itself from its competitors. endpoint turned to SCORR because it felt its current branding was outdated and lacked the strategic messaging and visual impact it needed to stand out from the pack.

As an IRT solutions provider, endpoint designs and deploys flexible and customizable IRT solutions for pharma and biotech organizations and CROs. Unlike its competition, endpoint employs both baseline, off-the-shelf products and customizable platforms, depending on the individual needs of each client. SCORR examined the IRT industry and noticed a trend: Like endpoint, most companies lacked proof points and differentiation. To set endpoint apart, SCORR determined it was time to get straight to the point.

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After applying our proven marketing intelligence process, SCORR was able to identify four proof points that differentiated endpoint from the rest of the IRT industry:

  1. endpoint specialists provide customizable IRT systems in just one month.
  2. Pulse®, endpoint’s proprietary IRT system, is feature-rich and can accommodate any trial.
  3. Unlike its competitors, endpoint is solely focused on the IRT industry.
  4. endpoint’s IRT systems are designed to avert costly errors, saving their customers on average over $100,000.

SCORR used these four factors to deliver a direct message to endpoint’s audience with the tagline “Let’s Get Straight to the Point.” This strategy helped position endpoint as the industry leader without revealing too much and risking imitation from competitors.

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“My favorite part was just the ease and transition of the idea of marketing and the concept of marketing to someone else that is really competent in managing the process and letting us focus on other things of the business. … The biggest advantage for us has been the time that we have gotten back to ourselves to then manage other elements of the business.”

Ryan Keane
Executive Director of Global Business Development
endpoint Clinical