3-D Direct Mailer Campaign

LabConnect, a global provider of central laboratory services, recently sought to boost its brand awareness and lift sales for three of its core services. Always in pursuit of inventive marketing solutions, SCORR brainstormed and developed a unique trio of tactile, 3-D mailers to pique interest in the three services, elevate recall of the LabConnect brand name, and generate more sales callbacks.

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In addition to the fun storage containers, SCORR invited LabConnect’s audience to “get the scoop” in the “LabConnect Chronicle,” which allowed customers and prospects to read up on the company’s improved cold chain logistics while enjoying the fresh ice cream. The LabConnect Chronicle’s call-to-action led readers to a landing page specific to the mailer.

SCORR created these marketing tools after collaboratively working with the company to determine which service lines to promote, based on business needs and potential growth opportunities. Through market research, SCORR ascertained LabConnect’s unique differentiators and client benefits to develop the three memorable mailers. By effectively reaching and engaging LabConnect’s target market, SCORR helped LabConnect advance its brand and improve sales outreach.


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