Sometimes it seems like the only game with greater stakes than the Super Bowl itself is the battle between the fiercely competitive Super Bowl commercials. A brand that airs an epic commercial during the big game can ride that high of success for months – and if they’re lucky, pass into commercial legend. Here are five Super Bowl LIV commercial observations from Braeden, our video expert.

Snickers – Fix the World

At a time when most of the world has strong feelings about the status quo, Snickers found a way to reach everyone by showing common things the public finds annoying and offering a solution … their product. Strategically, instead of dropping the whole ad in advance they teased it to build curiosity. And a third win? This ad was an extension of the “Snickers solves your problems” messaging they’ve used for a while.

Turbo Tax – All People Are Tax People

Sticking with the theme of reaching a wide audience, TurboTax used quirky comedy to make a wide demographic of people smile. Dancing grandmas, dancing on a toilet, and catchy tunes … what’s not to laugh about? People remember how brands make them feel and that’s why this ad is number two.

Google – Loretta

As someone who stores lots of media, both personal and business-related, I deal with storage every day. I’ve experienced archiving family photos and sharing these memories with others. Google let viewers know their assistant isn’t just a weather report or music player, but rather a member of the family.

Amazon – Before Alexa

In an interesting juxtaposition to Google’s Loretta, Alexa sold their “member of the family” with what almost felt like a guilt trip. If you don’t own an Alexa, you’re living in days of old. The guilt trip was softened with vintage satire, and narrated by a well-known modern couple. Amazon made us feel like we need their product to function day-to-day.

Hummer – Quiet Revolution

Hummer: a gas guzzling beast with no place in today’s climate – that’s quite a reputation. They flipped assumptions with the announcement of their electric vehicle. Galloping horses, heavy construction, machinery, and speed all without a peep starts changing the way people think about power, including an appearance by the powerhouse Lebron James.

My overall takeaway? Whether it’s a bazillion-dollar Super Bowl commercial or a micro-brand video, brands should connect with people emotionally and inform them in the simplest way possible.

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