As a full-service marketing and communications agency, we recognize that in order to do the best work for our clients, we’ve got to work on ourselves first. At SCORR, we are passionate about learning from each other, our partners and clients, and through research that gives us the most up-to-date information in an industry that is notorious for rapid change. Here’s how we perform that research so we can do the best work for you.

Learning From Market Intelligence

Market research is at the heart of everything we do. As information is constantly shifting in the health science field, we recognize that we cannot remain effective marketers for our clients if our team members aren’t consistently apprised of emerging industry trends and priorities. From regulatory updates to new technologies, our Market Intelligence team keeps us armed with the most up-to-date information by constantly carrying out original research into niche therapeutic areas and developments. One recent example of the kind of in-depth reporting they do is our Cell and Gene Therapy Market Primer. This comprehensive look at the growing field of cell and gene therapy examines everything from the impacts to clinical research and regulatory to striking reimbursement issues the industry has never had to deal with before.

Learning From Industry Experts

Another way we ensure our internal teams stay sharp is our focus on continuous learning from experts in the industry — our clients. As your partner in health science marketing, we know that the best sources of information we have are thought leaders within the industry. We regularly invite our clients to our offices to present to our team members, keeping us educated and informed about the latest in topics as varied as drug development, IRB and IBC overviews, and challenges and opportunities in BYOD, along with updates about events within their own organization. Connecting regularly to share knowledge by facilitating discussion allows us to keep a competitive edge for our clients; we’re better informed about the obstacles and opportunities our clients face and find important, so we can help them more effectively.

Learning From Each Other

At SCORR, we pursue every opportunity to learn. Part of that is learning from each other. To provide a high-energy, teamwork-oriented environment that facilitates learning, growth, and hard work in a fun, collaborative atmosphere — we encourage play. Our belief is that when you bond over shared moments with your team members it fuels collaboration, which allows us to push our concepts and strategies further. To create the best work for our clients, we believe it’s imperative that we trust and respect each other to do our part in the process. At our monthly WOW meetings, we share in each other’s success by lauding outstanding work and highlighting client initiatives so that everyone stays connected via transparency at all levels of the company. Outside the office, we strike a balance between work and play, including after-hours fun to encourage a sense of family among co-workers. No matter the occasion, we’ll always find a reason to celebrate and connect.

About the Author

Roger Boutin, MBA

Executive Strategist and VP of Communications

With 15 years of CRO/drug development experience, Roger is an authority in the drug development industry who knows how to connect strategy and tactics to improve our clients’ ROI. He directs the delivery of content, public relations, and communications, working collaboratively and strategically to help clients reach their goals. Roger has led two rebrands for a top 10, global CRO, giving him a perspective that drives him to deliver innovative, yet practical solutions for our clients’ marketing challenges.