SCORR Marketing, in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, conducted a survey earlier this year to explore the outsourcing relationship from two perspectives: the viewpoint of biopharmaceutical companies that outsource manufacturing and the perception of the CDMOs/CMOs they outsource to.

To help CDMOs/CMOs ensure they meet their customers’ requirements, we’ve summarized a few key results from the survey. Read these findings and tips below that can help manufacturers improve their marketing strategy and grow their business.

Tip #1: Know What Outsourcers Want

Once you know your customers’ greatest needs, you can build a content marketing strategy that spotlights how your company’s novel approach fulfills them.

Both outsourcers and manufacturers agree that staff quality and expertise and capabilities and technologies are the most important attributes that manufacturers seek.

Therefore, these areas are great places to focus your content. We recommend executing a comprehensive content marketing campaign that highlights your company’s unique value in these areas.

Tip #2: Know Where Outsourcers Are Getting Their Information

Effectively communicating with your prospective clients is more than simply answering their questions and concerns. Smart marketers know you must place your decision-making content where prospects are looking.

Both CDMOs/CMOs and outsourcers agree that the manufacturer’s website is a preferred place to gather information. However, outsourcers look for information at trade shows far less than manufacturers think.

These results indicate the importance of a good website. With impactful messaging, straightforward navigation, and appropriate digital tactics such as SEO, you will drive traffic to your website, create a more meaningful user experience, and generate more leads.

Tip #3: Whom You Know Matters

Our report reveals that creating a short list of prospective CDMOs or CMOs is mostly about whom you know.

Growing your network and strategic relationships can have a big impact on your bottom line. The key is figuring out whom you need to know to reach your most valuable prospects and identify new business opportunities.

Tip #4: Success Takes Strategy

Our survey found few outsourcers work with just one CDMO/CMO; a majority use either two or three manufacturers and 45% of outsourcers expect this number to increase. Thus, with biopharmaceutical companies expecting to expand the number of manufacturing partners, you need to have a sound strategy to reach them.

The SCORR CORE process helps Assess, Align, Integrate, and Leverage your core strengths and comes with a team of marketers ready to differentiate your key attributes from your competition. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you secure your competitive advantage.

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