The Social SCORR: How LinkedIn Can Help You Hone In On Your Target

As Facebook struggles with the media and its stakeholders over privacy and advertising matters, other social media sites, namely LinkedIn, are quietly creating a powerhouse for user engagement between companies and individuals. One key to the progress LinkedIn is making occurred in late June, when it announced that company pages can now employ targeted status updates.

What is a targeted status update?

A targeted status update enables companies to send status updates to select subsets of followers based on seniority, company size, industry, function and geography. According to LinkedIn, targeted status updates aim to make it easier for members to receive relevant information from the companies they follow. In turn, companies can now communicate with their followers in a highly personalized way.

Why would you use targeted status updates?

LinkedIn’s current study found that 67 percent of its members follow a company to gain industry insight, 61 percent follow a company for company news and 49 percent are attracted by the peer community. This means the majority of followers are actively looking for companies to share relevant information with them. Targeted status updates allow companies to put relevant content in front of those audiences. This unique reach, combined with the release of a powerful new analytics page, makes it easier for companies to track the effectiveness of their targeted efforts. Companies can more rapidly understand the demographics, growth and engagement of their company followers.

Why is this important?

With 2 million companies on LinkedIn to choose from, it opens up endless possibilities.
Company followers benefit from receiving engaging insight in their daily news feed. A person who frequently engages with a company will find relevant content to help meet their professional goals.

How else can having a company LinkedIn page be beneficial?

LinkedIn lists the following business opportunities:

  • Tell your company’s story
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Engage with followers
  • Share career opportunities
  • Drive word of mouth

Other valuable features that help you connect with followers include:

  • A customizable products and services page that functions as a stand-alone overview page for your company.
  • The ability to post job opportunities with detailed information on your company’s culture, career paths and more.
  • In-depth information on the professional background of employees including their previous job function, educational backgrounds and experience.

If you haven’t looked at your social media marketing in a while, consider LinkedIn. It’s a professional social media platform that can help you connect with exactly who you want to work with.

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