The Day of the Ninja Descends Upon SCORR!

The Day of the Ninja Descends Upon the SCORR Office!

December 5th is sneaking up on you…
Celebrate Day of the Ninja with SCORR – Masters of the Marketing Arts

For centuries, ninja have symbolized skill, knowledge, and mystery. They prefer unique tactics and put their mission above all else. In many ways, the ancient way of the ninja is similar to the current way of SCORR Marketing. Our team is a legendary force, with the talent and ability to take your marketing to the next level.

For complete service, global reach, and relentless pursuit of your goals… kick back and let SCORR go to work.

Facebook Ninja Challenge
Six marketing ninjas among the SCORR team have been summoned by the Secret Ninja Society of SCORR Marketing to a top-secret assignment. While trying to capture them in the act of mastering the marketing arts, we could only get a clear shot of their eyes. Can you help us identify these SCORR Marketing ninjas on our facebook page?