SCORR Marketing and Applied Clinical Trials Release Report Evaluating Efforts to Integrate Clinical Research and Health Care

SCORR Marketing, a global health science marketing and communications firm, in partnership with Applied Clinical Trials, released the results of its survey, Integration of Clinical Research and Health Care. The report assesses the extent to which organizations involved in clinical research are working collaboratively to strengthen the connections between research and health care.

“Many in the industry agree that integrating clinical research into health care is important; we decided to find out whether companies are actively working on this,” said Anne-Marie Hess, SCORR’s director of market intelligence. “We discovered that there is a lot of room for improvement. While those working in academia and at research sites reported their organizations have an initiative to increase collaboration, less than a third of sponsors and service providers do.”

This survey provides insights into many of the key topics discussed at last year’s Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative, a strategic forum aimed to strengthen the connection between clinical research and clinical health care.

While attendees at that conference emphasized the value of patient-centricity to further strengthen the connection between clinical research and health care, survey results indicate that only a quarter of respondents say their companies seek input from patient advocacy groups in their clinical study protocols. Only about a third incorporate views from patients and their caregivers.

The responses in the report also highlight how organizational size and location affect patient engagement. “Respondents from smaller organizations feel they do a better job of reaching out to patients than employees of large companies,” said Todd Baker, group publisher at Applied Clinical Trials.  “Likewise, North Americans believe their organizations do better patient outreach than those from Europe or the rest of the world.”

The survey report can be downloaded for free at

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