Happy National Denim Day From SCORR Marketing!

SCORR Marketing Celebrates National Denim Day!

Just as blue jeans have evolved from the clunky original “waist overalls” manufactured by Levi Strauss to hundreds of variations from bell bottoms and hip-huggers to baggies and elephant ears; acid wash, stone wash and tie-dyed; bib, cargo, and high-fashion designer jeans, SCORR Marketing creates marketing campaigns that capture your unique style; are practical, durable and long-lasting; and fit you like your favorite pair of jeans. When you have your favorite jeans on, you feel your best and look your best. It’s the same way with SCORR as your marketing agency — you look sharp, you feel good and the fit is as good as it gets. Marketing is in our jeans!

Check out how the SCORR Team celebrated Denim Day on our Facebook page.